Bellagio Casino Heist in 2010

Article Date: January 22, 2023 • On December 14, 2010, a man dressed as a businessman entered the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas and approached a craps table with a handgun. He forced a dealer to hand over $1.5 million in chips, before fleeing the scene on foot.

The suspect, later identified as Anthony Carleo, was arrested a few weeks later at a different Las Vegas casino, attempting to sell some of the stolen chips. He was charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, and ultimately pleaded guilty to both charges.

Carleo, the son of a prominent Las Vegas judge, had a history of drug addiction and gambling problems. He later claimed that he had committed the robbery to pay off his debts.

The Bellagio heist was not the only one that occurred in Las Vegas in 2010. In fact, there were several high-profile heists that took place that year, including a $1.5 million robbery at the Mirage and a $1 million heist at the Bellagio’s sister property, the Aria.

In the wake of these incidents, casinos in Las Vegas and other cities stepped up their security measures, including increasing the number of cameras and security personnel on the casino floor. Additionally, some casinos began using facial recognition technology to identify known criminals and other suspicious individuals.

The Bellagio heist was a major crime that shook the city and the casino industry. It also serves as a reminder of the need for constant vigilance and advanced security measures to protect both customers and employees.

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