Elvis Presley Las Vegas History

Elvis Presley, known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” had a significant impact on the music industry and culture, and his presence in Las Vegas was no exception.

Presley first performed in Las Vegas in 1956, at the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, during the height of his early career. He quickly became a regular performer in the city, playing shows at various hotels and casinos throughout the 1960s and 1970s.

In 1969, Presley began a string of performances at the International Hotel (now the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino), where he broke box office records and sold out shows. His performances at the International Hotel were notable for their elaborate stage productions, featuring elaborate costumes and a large backing band.

During this time, Presley also made a number of appearances on the Las Vegas Strip, performing at venues such as the Sahara Hotel and Casino, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, and the Hilton Hotel (now the Las Vegas Hilton). He also made several appearances on the Las Vegas-based television series, “Elvis,” which aired on NBC in 1969.

In the 1970s, Presley’s performances in Las Vegas became increasingly infrequent, as he focused on other projects such as movies and touring. However, he returned to Las Vegas for a series of performances in the late 1970s, including a run at the Hilton in 1975 and a final engagement in 1976.

Elvis Presley’s legacy continues to live on in Las Vegas through the various Elvis-themed shows and performances, and his iconic music continues to be heard in casinos and other venues around the city. Today, he is still considered one of the most influential performers in the history of Las Vegas entertainment, and his impact on the music industry as a whole continues to be felt.

In conclusion, Elvis Presley’s influence on Las Vegas entertainment is undeniable. His memorable performances at various hotels and casinos throughout the city in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as his iconic stage productions, costumes and albums, cemented his status as one of the most iconic entertainers in Las Vegas history and continues to live on, long after his passing.

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