Corporate Mercedes Sprinter Rentals with Driver and Optional High Quality Graphics

Text or call Kevin at (702)326-0070 or submit our simple request form – average 2.4 hours reponse time for your quote.

Qty. 1-6 Sprinters available.


Corporate Shuttle Service

Experience Transport Agency (ETA) provides the highest quality shuttle service for medium to large sized companies looking to embed their brand using transportation as a medium of engagement. Whether a daily airport run, moving employees to and from conventions, offices or special events. ETA will deliver your brand and service as directed. Choose from forward facing or hoop style seating. How your guests interact with your brand while onboard is completely up to you. We listen, learn and engage your clientele with passion, service and a touch of class.

Event Transportation

ETA has been helping companies move high volumes of people during corporate events for some time now. If you have an event and want to deliver a message in transit, ETA is for you. Exterior branding of these vehicles ads great value and name recognition. Not only will we get your guest from point A to Point B safely, we will ensure everyone around notices.

Attraction Shuttle

If you have a Local Las Vegas Attraction, ETA can deliver timely, safe and reliable transportation. In addition, our state of the art interiors and digital connectivity allow ETA to train, inform, or prepare your guest while in transit or while parked as a private meeting space for you/your organization. We can drive sales, embed safety or simply educate your guest during their trip. This helps alleviate time spent in lines at your booth, facility, attraction or outing.

Transport Advertising©

Transportation has made a drastic change in the last year. With the current rideshare platforms customers are experiencing extremely “inexpensive ways to move about the city”. If you are looking for a creative way of engaging potential clients, talk to one of our agents about creating a program that best fits your needs.

Content Creation

Having relevant content is a powerful tool. With onboard livestream cameras we capture people engaging with your brand in real time. Customers tell you you how they feel, what they think and provide feedback to use in future campaigns. This becomes a content creation machine for each of your marketing channels. You design the message or questions, real people interact providing thousands of photos, and hundreds of short video clips

Airport Transfers

Your source for transportation to and from the airport, local hotels, the Convention Center, Hoover Dam and anywhere else in the Las Vegas or surrounding areas. ETA is setting the new norm for luxury shuttle service. Our Mercedes sprinters have more room than our competition, we pull a small trailer for luggage to ensure complete comfort inside our vans