Las Vegas Homeless • The Underground Tunnel Dwellers

Article Date: January 22, 2023 • While the wealthy gamble millions of dollars in luxury Las Vegas casinos, a population of people are struggling to survive underneath their feet. The tunnels under Las Vegas are home to a unique population of individuals who have chosen to live in this unconventional setting. These people, often referred to as “tunnel dwellers,” are a diverse group that includes the homeless, transients, and those who simply prefer an underground lifestyle.

The tunnels in Las Vegas were originally built as part of the city’s flood control system, but over the years they have also been used as shelter by those who have nowhere else to go. The tunnels provide a sense of community and security for many of the dwellers, and they have created a self-sufficient ecosystem within the tunnels, with makeshift homes, kitchens, and even a barber shop.

The tunnel dwellers have formed a tight-knit community, and they look out for one another and share resources. They have also established a system of rules and etiquette to ensure that everyone is able to live in harmony within the confined space.

However, living in the tunnels is not without its challenges. The tunnels can be dark, damp, and unsanitary, and the dwellers are at risk of flooding and fire. In addition, the tunnels are not a safe place to live, as they are often frequented by criminals and drug users.

Despite the challenges, many tunnel dwellers prefer to live in the tunnels rather than on the streets. They feel that the tunnels offer them a sense of community and a sense of belonging that they cannot find anywhere else.

In recent years, organizations and local government have been trying to help the tunnel dwellers to find a better life, by providing them with housing, job training and other support services. But the problem is still unsolved, and the population is growing.

In conclusion, the tunnel dwellers of Las Vegas are a unique and resilient group of individuals who have chosen to call the tunnels home. Living in the tunnels is not without its challenges, but for many of the dwellers, it is a preferable alternative to living on the streets. More needs to be done to help these individuals find a better and safer life.

Shine A Light foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps hundreds of people living in the underground flood channels of Las Vegas.

Click Here to Visit Shine A Light Foundation Website

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